Three health salads in our menu

A salad of corn grains

Canned corn drained
Sesame oil
Garlic clove
Half sweet red pepper
Salt / pepper / chili chips for those who want a little spicy or spicy
Garnish with chopped coriander

Drain canned corn from fluids, place in a colander
Allow the frozen corn kernels, but you should defrost them a little earlier and drain excess water
Heat some sesame oil in a frying pan
Chop the red pepper into small cubes and add to the pan, squeeze a minute or two
Add garlic clove into the pan and immediately after adding the corn
Fry / mix for a few minutes over high heat
Those who love a bit of spicy chips can add some chili or chili powder drop
Spice with salt and pepper, reduce the heat and transfer to a bowl
Decorate the top with a little chopped cilantro, served warm

This salad is great for you health – it can heal hemorrhoids, cure tonsil stones and keep your teeth

Warm Cauliflower Salad

Large cauliflower or two small / medium
Olive oil,
Salt, pepper
Curry powder
A handful of raisins
Fresh lemon juice

Bringing Down the smallest flowers cauliflower possible
Drizzle some olive oil on them,
Sprinkle with salt and pepper
Rub your hands well with all the flowers will have little greasy
Arrange in a single layer format and place the grill.
Roast until cauliflower is softened and browned, stir occasionally to Clay would be uniform.
Remove from oven – you can set aside aside part and eat it that way. Very tasty!
The rest – when it was still very hot, sprinkle some curry powder and a handful of raisins Squeeze one lemon mixed top.
Can be served hot or cold.

 Warm Mushroom Salad

Basket of mushrooms
Green onion
Garlic clove
Salt and pepper
Ground coriander powder
A little chopped cilantro garnish

Cut the mushrooms into quarters Place Le Lys dans la steaming pot and steam over boiling water for 5 minutes,
Alternatively, for those who worry about the calories, heat butter in a frying pan and fry the mushrooms in for about five minutes
Transfer to a bowl and add finely chopped green onions finely quantity to taste
Add garlic clove
Season with salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar
Sprinkle powdered coriander powder and mix
Decorate with a little chopped cilantro and serve hot
But – it tastes too cold!